What will students learn in Scratch?

Scratch teaches computational thinking and problem solving using
a simple-to-use, yet powerful, building block approach to software
development. Students using Scratch gain a better understanding
of what a career in computing entails and can make more informed
subject and CAO choices.

What’s in it for teachers?

Teachers will:

  • Introduce their class to a free software tool, developed by the MIT Media Lab
  • Pick and choose what to teach from a set of 10 modules to suit their needs
  • Offer a new and exciting experience to students

Who is using the materials?

Teachers are using the materials with students of all ages.

Do students receive certificates for completing Scratch modules?

Yes. The Irish Computer Society awards Scratch Completion Certificates to students that complete Scratch teaching modules.

How much do the teaching materials cost?

The teaching materials are free.

Are there any rewards for completing the Scratch lesson plans in school?

Yes, if you complete one or more of the Scratch lesson plans and you attend school in Ireland, teachers are eligible to claim Scratch Completion Certificates which can be used for the SFI DPSM Award

Can I use Scratch with really young children (aged 5-7)?

The Scratchjr.org app is another great option if working with very young children.

Are there other Scratch materials available?

Google CS First provides lesson plans and video materials to introduce students aged 9-14 to computer science using Scratch.